RPG Programming in ILE

ILE RPG is an implementation of the RPG IV programming language in the Integrated Language Environment®. It is one of the family of ILE compilers available on IBM® i.

ILE is an approach to programming on IBM i. It is the result of major enhancements to the IBM i machine architecture and the IBM i operating system. The ILE family of compilers includes: ILE RPG, ILE C, ILE COBOL, ILE CL, and VisualAge® for C++. In addition to the support for the ILE languages, support for the original program model (OPM) and extended program model (EPM) languages has been retained.

Compared to OPM, ILE provides RPG users with improvements or enhancements in the following areas of application development:

  • Program creation
  • Program management
  • Program call
  • Source debugging
  • Bindable application program interfaces (APIs)

About IBM i

IBM i Overview

At its core, the IBM i platform is designed to adapt to the ever-changing needs of both business and computing. Its defining characteristic, the “integration” represented by the “i” in IBM i, can help you gain more value from advanced technology with fewer resources and higher reliability.

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Our Training

We provide training for IBM i (formerly known as IBM AS/400 & IBM iSeries) users since 2005 and had trained for over 1,000 specialized skill force in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia & Brunei; from System Operators to Programmers and System Administrators.

Training subjects are:

  • System Operator (Beginner and Advanced level)
  • System Administration
  • Control Language Programming
  • RPG IV Programming (Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced level)


We provide customized training program for our customers. Some of the customized program are:

  • IBM i for auditors.
  • Application Development Specialist.
  • IBM i programmer training.


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